Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our boy is growing up.....

Today I was in the kitchen cleaning up after lunch. Dustin came through the door and said to me "can I have the rent check??" The rest of the conversation went a little like this...
Me: Why??
Dustin: Because I am going to take it to Carole ( who we rent the house from) My Dad said it's ok. (Carole lives behind his but there are some corrals and a field seperating the 2 houses)
Me: How are you going to get there??
Dustin: My fourwheeler
Dustin: Just a minute I want to get a treat for her (so he gets her a hard strawberry candy)
(I walk outside with him and ask Jared if he thinks this is a good idea)
Jared: Ya he is a big boy he can do it

So of goes Dustin to Carole's we watch him until he returns

He comes back and says he gave her the check and the treat
Carole: Thank you... Did you get that fourwheeler for Christmas??
Dustin: No my Mom and Dad bought it for me a long time ago
Carole: Did you know your wagon is upside down?
Dustin: Ya I know I always pull it like that ( the wagon is not heavy enough and just bounces around until it flips over and he just drags it...he just loves the idea of pulling something)
Carole: well Thank you neighbor
Anyway I thought this was way to cute not to post... now he thinks he has all the freedom in the world...wonder where he will want to go next?? On the very bottom picture the big tree in the background is Carole's house.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Lately we have a very mobile girl on our hands it has been very nice except it has got her into some trouble. Once she is caught she tries to hide her face anyway she can. MaKaylee also likes to get into Daisee our dogs cage and shut her self in, she loves Dustin's box of Lego's and makes sure every last one of them is thrown out. She is learning to stand up without holding onto anything she balances her self from 30 seconds to a minute. She gains more and more confidence everyday. She has taken around 10 steps at a time. I don't have many pictures of her walking yet but will work on them this weekend.

Tear Duct Surgery

On January 7Th we was able to get MaKaylee's tear ducts cleared!! It was a very short process approx. 10 minutes. They clear the duct with a small wire making sure it is clear all the way to the nose. The hardest part was coming out of anesthesia. They told us she would have no pain and there was no need to give her any Tylenol. I was pretty amazed she was pretty pleasant after she took a short nap and didn't seem to bother her the rest of the day. So far we have had a goupy eye free little girl!! Here are a few pictures of the day.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jared's new baby

Jared's new baby arrived at 10:30 this morning weighing 21,000 lbs and was 14ft. long.It came out with John Deere green skin and a 180 horsepower rip-roaring engine. The proud parent is thrilled and proud of his healthy little John Deere 8120.Love you Jared!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010